June 6, 2016

Hey guys,

I hope your all enjoying the long weekend. How nice is it to have such gorgeous weather for it? I can see from everyone’s Snapchat’s that it was an unreal weekend all round!

If you follow me on Snapchat (username: lou1409) you will know that last week I asked you to send me in any questions you had for a Q&A, and I’ve finally gotten around to answering them. I thought it would be a nice way to share a little more on here, and answer any questions you may have had. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions 😊

Where I am from?
I’m from Limerick, Ireland.

What did I study in college?
I studied Communications Studies in DCU for my undergrad and I did my Masters of Marketing in DIT.

Where do I work now?
I work in PR for Tourism Ireland.


What other jobs have I had in the past?
I have had a million jobs, I started working at 15. Definitely not always glamourous jobs but I’ve always enjoyed working, and earning my own money. My first job was in Centra, I then went on to work in Argos and a few different restaurants, before moving into retail where I worked throughout college in Jack Wills & Abercrombie.

How old are you and when is your birthday?
I’m 23, my birthday is the 14th of Sept. Virgo baby!

How many brothers and sisters do I have?
I have one brother, 15, and two sisters, 20 and 25.

What’s my favourite hobby?
Hmm, I guess blogging counts as a hobby doesn’t it? I spend a lot of my time focused on that and I enjoy it. I like taking photos, writing, working on different projects, travelling, meeting new people – all the things that come with blogging. I also love editing work for other people. I have always thought that words have power and I love helping people to become better writers. For quite some time before my blog started to take off, I even considered becoming a proofreader. I enjoy working form home so alongside my job in PR, running my blog gives me the best of both worlds.


What’s your favourite food?
This is an easy one. Pepperoni Pizza! 100%!

Any tips for any newbie bloggers?

1. Create a plan for your blog
What kind of content will you have on your blog? How often will you share content? How long in advance will you need to have the content ready in order to have it ready to share? There are lots of logistics behind blogging that you wouldn’t always necessarily consider but in order to begin blogging regularly these will be questions you’ll need to be able to answer. A content calendar would be very helpful for any newbies starting off 😊

2. Be consistent
Be true to your style and share this on a regular basis.

3. Believe in yourself and keep at it

When did I start my blog and why?

I started my blog during college, but I didn’t really understand how to post regularly or the kind of work that had to go into it. When I was in New York last year I really began posting regularly. It was the perfect opportunity to document my time there, and I’m so glad I did now. It’s so nice to have to those blog posts to look back over.


Do I know any fashion courses that I would recommend?

Yes, having done it myself I would recommend the Parsons x Teen Vogue online course in “Fashion Industry Essentials”. It focuses on 5 main topic areas:
Course 1: Unlocking your Visual Style
Course 2: Thinking like a Designer
Course 3: Understanding Fashion Production
Course 4: Working in Fashion Media
Course 5: Developing Fashion Marketing & PR Skills

I completed the course in 10 weeks but there is a flexible timeline so you can have a little more time (which I would probably recommend) if you need it! It’s a really interactive course with videos from some of the industry’s most established players such as Amy Astley and Rebecca Minkoff. The ‘homework’ is really creative and useful for moving forward. It’s only $549 to sign up and they have a monthly payment plan too 😊

I documented my time in the course on the blog so check that out if you want more info.


Do I have any tips for growing out your hair and keeping it healthy?

My hair grows at a ridiculously slow rate, I don’t think I’d ever be able to cut it short for fear that it wouldn’t grow back haha! So not sure I can help on that front but I do have a few tips for keeping it healthy:

1.Take the Viviscal supplement (great for hair health & growth)

2. Invest in a good hair brush that won’t break your hair. I would recommend a Bristle Paddle brush (like this one)

3. Use a hair mask at least once a month. If you feel your hair is particularly dry and broken then use a mask (especially if you have colour in your hair), give it a break from the hair stylers and let it breathe. I’m trying this mask at the moment and I have noticed my hair is a lot silkier since, I’m a fan of all of the L’Óreal Elvive masks.


What’s my go to accessory?
I love a statement watch. If you follow me on Instagram you will see I am developing quite a collection. My favourites are from Abbott Lyon, DYRBERG/ KERN, Cluse watches and Told and Co.


What are my favourite high street shops?
Zara, H&M, River Island, Topshop and of course, Penneyyyss!

What’s your favourite saying?

“You only have one life, it’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible!” – Jojo Moyes
I came across this quote last summer and realised last week it was a quote from the book I was reading: “Me Before You”. It’s out in the cinema this week I can’t wait to see it.

So that’s all for now but if you’ve any other questions just snap me and I’ll answer 😊

Enjoy the bank holiday,

Louise x

Louise Cooney

Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel blogger from Limerick, Ireland.  

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