November 9, 2017

Hi guys,

As you can probably tell, I am absolutely in love with my new and improved room. You may have seen my YouTube video where I gave a tour and showed you all our little storage tips and tricks, but I wanted to show you a few more photos.

Let me explain the backstory to me wanting (and needing) to sort out my room….

As a blogger, I have a lot of products, clothes, shoes, equipment that I need and use every day. I get deliveries several times a week and keeping on top of everything is definitely a challenge. Especially when I was working full time, I let a lot of things pile up and I was turning into a hoarder. There was just a paper everywhere! Most of it pretty useful, but as I started to put it all together, I wasn’t sure what I needed and what needed to be thrown away. A friend of mine did recommend that I checked out sites like FilecenterDMS, as a paperless document solution would allow me to keep everything digitally and in one place. As a blogger who spends a lot of time in her room working, that would be a beneficial tool.

Anyway, about two months ago, I started clearing things out but realised I still didn’t know where to put things. My desk was probably at the messiest it had ever been. Of course, every desk needs a filing cabinet, so I thought about investing in a new cabinet to store all my essential folders and paperwork. However, I still didn’t have any system of organisation in my room, and honestly trying to get things done when you’re not organised is impossible. I can’t think clearly or work well in a cluttered, messy space.

It was at this stage I found Frances from Organised Mayhem who came to my home for a consultation. She took some before pictures of my room (that you can see in my YouTube video) and had lots of ideas for how I could get organised. We started by moving furniture in my room, we then created a list of what we would need, I set a budget and we got to work.

IKEA, TK Maxx and Penneys were my main shopping destinations and it’s great as they are all relatively inexpensive. I’ll list where I got everything below.

The main thing to remember when you’re trying to organise a room, is to make sure you have enough storage (boxes, units, dividers, baskets) and make sure that whatever you add is very useable and practical – because if its not it won’t last very long.

Some other tips when decorating your room are to add greenery and a pop of colour. I adore the pink velvet chair we added to my room, I think it brings the room to life. I have little pink decorations scattered throughout as well to carry the colour through. I picked up some fake leaves in Ikea and a cactus plant (easy to maintain haha) and it just really lifts my room and makes it feel much more calm.

Consider prints (like the cushions on my bed), textures (like the faux sheepskin rug on my stool) and keeping some of the wall free so it doesn’t feel so cluttered. All of these little tips will add to the over all feel of the room.

Natural light is the best thing you can have in any room, and as I have the attic room with velux windows I’m lucky I have an abundance of it. Use the light wisely! I have placed my desk right underneath it which makes it just a lovely place to work from.

I could keep talking, but I’m pretty sure I have covered it all in my YouTube video. Have a look and let me know what you think 😊

Lots of love,

Louise x

Make Up Brush Holder: Penneys & IKEA
IKEA Kallax Unit:
Her Clutter Box:
IKEA Hemnes Unit:
IKEA Storage Boxes:
Laura Ashley Jewellery Holders:
Plants & Leafs:
Browsers Interiors Desk:
IKEA Filing Cabinet:
Pencil Holder and Selotape Holder:
Sosterene Green Pink Velvet Chair:
IKEA Photo Frame Shelf:
Frames: Tiger Bedding: Penneys

Photos by Brid O’Donovan

Louise Cooney

Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel blogger from Limerick, Ireland.  

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