July 24, 2017

Hi there,

The sunny weather today was a nice treat to kickstart the week, hopefully some of you got out to enjoy a little of it. I was busy getting myself organised for the Seychelles on Thursday, and thought, with all the travelling I’m doing lately, a blog post with some tips on packing wouldn’t go astray.

It’s something I’m asked about a lot and I suppose the more I travel, the more I learn how to make the dreaded ‘packing’ a little easier for myself.

I have narrowed it down to my top 5 tips for packing and hopefully some of you will find these useful for upcoming holidays 😊

  1. Make a List

Sometimes I hate the idea of lists, for fear of knowing all the stuff I have left to do, but it really is the best way to get organised for a trip. Between clothes, toiletries, adaptors, chargers, cameras, medicine… and whatever else you may need to get, do or organise before you leave – there is a LOT to remember.

I jot down what I need as I remember in a note on my phone or else in my diary. It’s all worth it when the list is all ticked off and the suitcases are packed and ready to go!

Lulu Guinness Suitcase is from Kildare Village

2. Roll Up Clothes/ Towels

The best tip for saving space in your case – roll up the clothes and towels, as small and tight as you can! The only trouble is coming back when all you want to do is fire the worn clothes into the suitcase, but you can cross that bridge when you come to it 😉

Case: Lulu Guinness, Towel: Joules from Bedeck, Flip-flops: Havaianas – All Available at Kildare Village

3. Buy Travel Sized Toiletries and Keep Them in Your Travel Bag

This has been my #1 time-saving tip when it comes to traveling frequently. Buy travel-sized toiletries, put them in your travel washbag and leave them there until your next trip. I never use mine while I’m at home, meaning I never have to re-pack… which is the dream!

My travel wash-bag usually consists of Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Shower Gel, Razor, Face Mist, Face Wipes, PDF, Perfume and Painkillers. However, it’s completely up to you what you pack. I know some people who will always pack some smaller bottles of hand sanitizer in their travel bags to ensure they can keep their hands clean whilst they’re traveling which is a good idea. However, there are multiple things that others may want to pack too.

Shower gel and Face-mist: L’Occitane, Perfume: Penhaligon’s London – All Available at Kildare Village

4. Plan Outfits

Another huge timing saving and space saving tip – plan all your outfits before you go! This may seem like a lot of work (and it is) but it will save you a lot of hassle while your away and it will save you carrying around stuff you don’t need.

I actually try on my outfits, take photos on my phone and then when I’m away I know what outfit I’m wearing with what shoes and I can chose what I’m wearing just by looking at my photos – so easy!

Suitcase is Lulu Guinness, Flip flops are Havaianas – Both available at Kildare Village

5. Organise Your Case With Bags

This is another handy tip that will make navigating your suitcase super easy! I pack things seperately into bags (as much as I can!)

Usually I will have a Swimsuit bag, Jewellery bag, Laundry bag, Make-up Bag, Toiletry bag and just about anything else I can fit into a bag 😊

Suitcases are Lulu Guinness and are available at Kildare Village

I hope these few tips have been somewhat helpful for those of you that struggle with packing. It’s not always the funnest of tasks but it is all worth it when you are sitting on the beach with your Margarita in your favourite stylish swimsuit 😊

Have a great holiday to those of you who are yet to go on one, and safe travels,

Keep your eyes peeled on my social media for all the info on my trip to the Seychelles this week!

Lou x

This post is sponsored by Kildare Village

Louise Cooney

Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel blogger from Limerick, Ireland.  

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