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I am a Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel blogger from Limerick, Ireland. I started this corner of the internet as a hobby in  2014 and for the last 3 and a half years it's been my full time job. I've shared a lot my life, experiences and ideas online over the last 6 years - from living in Dublin, to moving to New York and then coming back home again during the pandemic.

Fashion is why I started & will always be a really important part of my blog - but as I get older, I've enjoyed sharing more of my life - what I'm cooking, the exercise I'm doing, my favourite books, self care tips, skincare and beauty, snippets of the dogs (of course) and whatever else I feel excited about on any given day. 

In 2019 I was awarded Most Stylish Online Influencer at the VIP Magazine Awards, In 2017 I was awarded with a 40 under 40 award for my achievements in the blogging world as well as a U Magazine 30 under 30 award in the fashion industry category and in 2016 I won Best Fashion Blog in the Blog Awards Ireland.

I’ve worked with some of the worlds leading brands including: Emirates, Victoria’s Secret, Dior, Tom Ford, Armani, NARS, Tommy Hilfiger, GUESS, H&M, River Island, PUMA, Rimmel, Primark and many more.

You can follow my daily updates on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.

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