July 14, 2016

Hey guys,

You might remember quite a while ago I vouched to spend more time improving my make-up skills. Shame on me – it’s been March since my last make-up lesson, you can see my last one where I learned how to contour here. Last week I spent some more time with Emma in EF Creative Studios, with big lips definitely being one of the big make-up trends for this year I said I would learn how to over-line my lips.

The process of doing over-lining is not pretty – I definitely felt a big drag-queenish at times. This is a big reason I never take risks with my make-up, because of the awkward in between phase, but when it’s finished it looks completely different. Below is a 7 step tutorial showing how Emma, one of Ireland’s top make-up artists over-lined my lips.


Step 1: Apply the Base

We applied Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base to smooth out the lips and adhere the lipstick.


Step 2: Line the Lips

We used a Catrice Long Lasting Lip Pencil in ‘Hey Macadamia a Hey!’. Begin at the Cupid’s bow by drawing just outside the line of the lip on the top and bottom. Don’t worry if you make a mistake you can clean it up afterwards.

_MG_6244 (1)
_MG_6163 (1)

Step 3: Apply Lipstick

We then applied MAC Lustre lipstick ‘PATISSERIE’ lipstick all over the lip to meet the liner outside the line of the lip.


Step 4: Use another Lipliner shade to blend

We used MAC ‘Subculture’ Lipliner to blend between the outer line and the lipstick . Using a different shade makes the look less extreme.

_MG_6647 (1)

Step 5: Clean up the lines

Use your concealer/ foundation to clean up any uneven lines or mess you may have made in the process.


Step 6: Highlight And Contour

Use a much lighter concelear to highlight the cupids bow and a darker foundation under the lip to contour.


Step 7: Illuminate (optional)

We used the highlighter from the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate palet on the Cupid’s Bow to illuminate the lips. This looks great in photographs.


I shot some looks for the blog later this day and look how good the over-lined lips looked in these snaps.

I hope this tutorial comes in useful for some of you. I’m by no means a make-up expert but I do enjoy picking up some tips and tricks and hope I am passing some on 😊

Emma has a great team in EF Creative Studios, if you need your make-up done for anything I would definitely get in touch!

Hopefully I’ll be back with another make-up lesson sooner next time,

Chat later in the week,

Louise x

Photos by Suzi O’ Connor

Louise Cooney

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