November 28, 2019

Hey guys,

How are you all? Happy Thanksgiving!!! Can you believe I’m nearly 3 months in New York now? Where has the time gone! So much has happened, so much has changed, I’ve already learnt so much… I feel like I’ve so much to fill you all in on! It’s been forever since I’ve had the time to sit down and write a blog post like this – I’m excited to reflect on everything I have to be thankful for after probably the craziest year of my life to date!  

There has been lots of ups and downs this year but for the day that’s in it I’m going to focus on the celebrations I’ve had the past year and the things that are worth celebrating. I’m partnering with Moet for this blog post – so I’m going to reminisce over some of the Moet Moments I’ve had this year & some that are yet to come.

When I think about what I’m thankful for it’s quite simple for me really: Family, Friends & Work Opportunities. First of all, if you follow me on Instagram or YouTube you’ll know how important my family and friends are to me. This year has been a very tough year for my family, it’s made me appreciate them more than ever. I’m very excited to get home for Christmas to spend time with everyone & also to have my brother & sister coming back to NY with me this year for New Years. There will no doubt be lots of Moet Moments over the festive season 😉


Friendswise – there is nothing like moving country to make you realise how good you have it. I have the best friends in the world in Ireland and it broke my heart to leave them. Especially being single the past year, it’s really just made me realise how lucky I am to have the friends I have. When I got my visa to move to New York we celebrated over a bottle of Moet, a memory & feeling of excitement I’ll never forget. Today, two of them arrive in the US where we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving together in my Aunt & Uncles in Connecticut – we will most definitely be cracking up this bottle of Moet together later on 😊

And then I have to take a minute to appreciate all the new friends I’ve made since moving to New York, I’ve been here such a short time and I’ve already made some friends for life! How crazy is that? The difference a couple of months can make. We’ve shared many a Moet Moment together already, too many some might say haha!  

When I first moved country my sister bought me a bottle of Moet to celebrate moving into my apartment & the start of a new adventure. Me moving here was made possible by what I do, working as a blogger & content creator with the best group of followers/supporters behind me. I’m very excited for all the new opportunities that are here for me in the US. I’ve had some incredible opportunities this year – I had my own edit with Nastygal, a collection of my favourite summer pieces with H&M, I’m the face of the Adidas Sleek runners in Lifestyle Sports and I travelled to the Venice Film Festival with Armani – among many other things… I’ve had so many things happen I would never have thought possible & it really is a dream come true for me! Things that are worth celebrating, worth raising a glass to and acknowledging before the time is gone!  

Moving on from myself – my best friend bought a house with her fiancé, my other bestie got an amazing new job, my cousin just got engaged, my brother passed his driving test, my dad graduated… the list of things to celebrate is endless. There’s always a lot to be thankful for and it’s actually so therapeutic to sit back and make a list of them. I love to mark an occasion with some bubbles and to spoil my family/ friends with something special when they deserve to celebrate. The personalised Moet Chandon bottles are the perfect present – whether it’s for Christmas or otherwise. It’s the world’s most iconic champagne & it’s celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, so it’s a really special present. Who doesn’t love something personalised? It’s so thoughtful & having something personal written on it just makes it extra special!  

You can get the bottles personalised exclusively in Brown Thomas Dublin for free with the purchase of any Moet bottle (whether it’s a mini or a Magnum). Click here to learn more about it.  

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving I hope you have the best day with family and/or friends, and if you’re not I hope this blog post has inspired you to take a minute to appreciate what you’re thankful for today, and what’s next on your list to celebrate 😉

Louise xx

*This post is sponsored by Moet Chandon

Louise Cooney

Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel blogger from Limerick, Ireland.  

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