May 17, 2016

If there’s one thing we are getting good at in Dublin, it’s gotta be brunching. I developed my love for brunch while living in New York last year and brought it home with me! Luckily it’s something Dublin restaurants are doing really well so I’m having a great time eating my way around the city.

I know the struggle of trying to find and decide on a nice place to eat with a group of friends so I thought I would do a compilation of some of my favourite places I’ve brunched at so far this year to hopefully help a few of you 😊

If you have any brunch suggestions for me they are so welcome – I’m always looking for new places to eat. Snap me at @lou1409!

1. ‘Le Drunch’ at the Marker

The perfect Sunday treat – Le Drunch is a new concept brought from Paris to Dublin by The Marker Hotel. It’s a mix between Dinner and Lunch (hence the title) and after experiencing it I can promise it will do for both!

I got the Tiger Prawns to start, Pancakes for my main and finished up with Baked Alaska – as well as some cocktails, of course. The food tastes as good as it looks and it is safe to say I was full for the day after it. Le Drunch makes for the most relaxing Sunday afternoon and with the rooftop at The Marker now open for the summer months there is no better time to visit 😊

See the full menu here.


2. Whitefriar Grill

This was my first brunch experience in Dublin and it was amazing. The menu covers all bases and is pretty reasonably priced. It’s no wonder it was recently awarded with the title ‘Best Brunch in Dublin‘. You can see the full menu here.


3. Taco Taco

Another gem of a menu, covering all bases and making it really hard to make your mind up! I ordered the Eggs Benedict here with Sweet Potato Fries and Asparagus on the side – it was yuumm! This would be a good spot for a group brunch. See the full menu here.


Pic credit goes to my friend Dearbhla from Belle Azzure.

4. San Lorenzo’s

Coco-Pops French Toast… do you need any other reason to visit this place? I visited San Lorenzo’s with my two friends Amy & Becca. The menu was so good we couldn’t decide so we each ordered our own meal (I went for crab cakes) and we got the Coco Pops French Toast to share. We could barely move afterwards but it was SO. WORTH. IT!

Have a look at the full menu here. Try not to drool!

BeFunky Collage

5. Eathos

Instagram Heaven – this place is definitely one I’ll be going back to. My only issue with this place is that it’s not open on Sunday’s. And I sometimes like to brunch on Sunday’s. But honestly, the menu is to die for and the choice of desserts for afterwards is too good! I went for the Sweet Potato Rosti and it was delish. See the full menu here.


That’s all for now – I’ll be sure to do another blog post once I’ve gotten around to visiting a few more brunch spots 😊

In the meantime, happy brunching!

Louise x


Louise Cooney

Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel blogger from Limerick, Ireland.  

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